Fokus Price // Super Cool X-1000 / Kunsthaus Glarus

This installation and five wall pieces, specific designed for the Schneelisaal at the Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland, after I was awarded the Fokus Price, is part of a collection of expansive works, based on pop culture references from film and television. The walk-in, room-filling architecture revolves around the themes of futurology and visions from mainstream science fiction films, and theatrically stages the promise of eternal life. With This installation, I relate equally to the blockbuster Vanilla Sky (2001) from Cameron Crow and the painting from Lucas Cranach the Elder from the year 1546.

Super Cool X-1000 is an eclectic stage, where visions of the future such as cryonics – the conservation of human life through deep-freezing – meet with the mediaeval idea of the Fountain of Youth.