New Glarus // Happy Landing / Kunsthaus Glarus

The installation “Happy Landing” in Kunsthaus Glarus consists of a wall object and a hanging sculpture on a metal chain.

The sculpture resembles a meteorite and has a green surface with a grainy structure. The color was made by mixing Acrystal, a type of fast-drying plaster, with Chlorella, an algae powder. The algae is one of 137 microorganisms whose color value is searched for in space by scientists, in the hope of finding potential life on other planets.

The wall art deals with a continuation in the Buster series, named for the comic and film director Buster Keaton. Its inspiration came from a scene from the slapstick comedy “Cops” (1922). In this scene, Buster lights a cigarette from the burning fuse of a bomb.

In the film, the lit fuse is structured in a chronological sequence. As soon as a bomb fuse is lit, a foreseeable time period is defined, in which tension increases palpably as the awaited explosion approaches. In the Buster series I have translated this tension into a spatial model, with zigzag lines and circles. In combination with the marks of the burning fuse, I incorporated a digital glitch into the work.